2015 - Michael, Darren, Randy, Chris and Phil enjoying the day at the
​Cantigny Fine Arts Festival.

2017 - Phil, Evan and Tony on the set of
​Swing Forward's promo video shoot.

Darren, Randy and Chris at 
​photo/video session in recording studio.

Jeffrey Austin, 2015 finalist on The Voice,

 shared the stage at the Tri City Services benefit with Phil and Randy.

2017 - Evan letting loose on those pipes at the new Swing Forward promo video.

Evan, Gil, Phil and Nick before taking the stage
at the SPRA Showcase November 2017.

Chords and lyrics sheet from
"Classic" ​recording session.

2017 - Phil grooving along at the video shoot.

2017 - The band performing at the video shoot. Lights! Camera! Action!

The band on stage at
​SPRA Showcase November 2017

2017 - Gil laying down that beat
​for the  promo video.

Swing Forward performing at the Caring Arts "Big Swing" event. 

2016 - Gil, Phil and ​Rob performing as
Swing Forward Express.

Phil and Chris at 
​Ain't It Fun recording session.

Michael at photo/video session
at recording studio.

2015- Randy delivering a tune from the Ain't It Fun album at the Cantigny Fine Arts Festival.

The Swing Foward band was rockin' at Wire with friends Classical Blast in Berwyn, IL